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Her current status, and cup size.

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09 Oct. 2013: She's lost quite a bit of weight, looks as if she's lost about 4 cup sizes as well as being slimmer in the back. Probably 'only' about 32F now.

08 Oct. 2013: It seems she has lost 2 Cup sizes. I would say its only 34F now. Look here:

Question: In the (free) video below there is a weird bump on the inner side of her left breast. It looks almost if there is something solid moving under the skin (maybe an implant ?!?).

I think she lost some weight in 2012. Unfortunately her breasts look smaller and more "empty" (like Valory Irene). I would guess she ist "only" a 34G now :(

I contacted her under her new Kay Loove name on her Model Mayhem page, and she said that "she hasn't done nudes in the last few years." I find that rather unfortunate. Also, her cup size is listed as a G cup. Ecchi-Senshi 17:55, 1 July 2011 (EDT)

Hasn't she done hardcore now? Elias

The "hardcore" movie she did with Score is just a guy wearing a strap-on and staying still while she bounces and moves around on it. It's more awkward than sexy.

DDF seems to have settled on calling her "Karina Heart"... Score secured a trademark on "Karina Hart".

Karina Hart comes from Slovakia: she was born in Bratislava. So, her nationality is Slovak and not Czech. Here some referencies:

The source of Scoreland never seems to run dry. You're about to meet their latest big tits discovery Karina Hart. She was born in Slovakia and is living in the Czech Republic. In all honesty I am not a fan of her outfit, but that are just details when you're talking about her rack of that size

Respecting an old editorial tradition--always identifying models by name--the girls are, from left to right, Kristy Klenot (Czech Republic), Christy Marks (USA), Karina Hart (Slovakia), Melissa Mandlikova...

I was born in Bratislava, which is the biggest city in Slovakia,” Karina says, who is a work of art…nature’s art. “Almost half a million people. All of my family still lives there and many of my friends, but three years ago, I moved to the Czech Republic to study at the university. I spend more of my time there, unless I am somewhere else doing something with SCORE! I am in my third year at the university studying art history. This is supposed to be my last year of this degree so I’m trying to prepare for my final exams. To be honest I don’t know what I will be after I finish school. I would like to work with art, but here in the Czech Republic and Slovakia we don’t have good conditions for that.” G.P. is representative of many SCORE and Voluptuous guys in his opinion of Karina. “Like so many other readers, I’m crazy about Karina Hart and love seeing her naked body. Her photos are nothing less than phenomenal

Karina Hart was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and now lives in Brno, Czech Republic. This all natural beauty sent her pictures to Scoreland in 2008 and had her first pictorial published in April 2008. She is a full time college student studying history and I hope we see much more of this stunner.