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Exactly what size are they?

I know that all this breast measurement stuff can be inaccurate and often, just flat intentionally wrong.

I look at Gianna's breasts - Oh, do I ever - and see much more than 34DD. I base that on actual field research on actual females who have shared their bra sizes with me. The women that are generously endowed, real or not, I always ask for my data bank. More than once have I observed a girlfriend and told her her bra size was wrong. They would check things out and of course I was correct.

If she measures, as given on the page, 42.5" with a 34" chest, she would be an "I" cup! As she is 5'10" tall, I really, really doubt the 34" chest stat. So, let's use 36" chest and 42" outer circumference, bingo, DDD or F. I could see her as a possible G cup, too, on a good day. Or, she does state they are bigger now than before, could be overall body weight (which would also lend to the 36" theory) or maybe, damn, they jus' wanna be bigger.

Another thing I love about her is that she obviously loves to suck 'n fuck. The joy on her face, her expressions, the sounds! She is not acting! The only porn star that I ever observed the same intensity of joy (and similar giant natural tits) is Christy Canyon.

Oh yeah, her website as given in the previous discussion post is wrong. it's And checking out the stills, I'm putting my money and dick on DDD/F.

(Unsigned comments by Mamfan)

  • You could always ask her on Twitter: The Honorable 11:03, 22 August 2012 (EDT)Seemingly a good idea, but I've heard her state different sizes in different videos. I think I found one of her earliest, she looks much younger, she is a bit thinner, and the tits a bit smalller - but not by much! And, I know this will shock you, but sometimes women lie! And as I mentioned above, a lot of women don't really know how big they are, and for many, the size changes with years with or without weight gains. Some women get their breasts and they stabilize by late teens. Others never stop growing, although at a much smaller rate than in the early years.