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Glory Quest (グローリークエスト; Gurōriikuesuto) is a Japanese adult video (AV) production company with offices in the Toshima ward of Tokyo, Japan which specializes in fetish videos.[1]

Company information

The Glory Quest studio has been producing adult videos since at least June 10, 2000 when it released Sweet Doll 01 (スイートドールスペシャル 01) on VHS with production code SDS-01.[2] In March 2010, the DMM website, the largest adult video retailer in Japan, reported 1739 DVDs and 733 VHS videos available under the Glory Quest label.[3] The company releases its videos twice a month at a rate of about 18-20 videos per month.[4] Glory Quest operates a website,, where members can download videos and order Glory Quest DVDs. The company also sells its products in stores throughout Japan.[5]

Glory Quest produces adult videos in various genres including popular actresses in "big bust" (巨乳) videos.[6] The company has also made more extreme fetish videos under its Maniac label which have included such genres as fisting, S&M, scat and, at one time, bestiality.[7][8] In addition, the company's Maniac Shemale, Trance Jender and Ultra Sex labels feature videos with transsexual actresses.[9]

Another notable genre for Glory Quest has been "elder porn", a fast growing niche in Japanese pornography. As Glory Quest public relations representative Kayoko Iimura has said: "If we only make standard fare, we cannot beat other studios ... so we wanted to make something new. A relationship between wife and an old father-in-law has enough twist to create an atmosphere of mystery and captivate viewers' hearts."[10] Glory Quest's elder star is Shigeo Tokuda, born in 1934, who has "proved to be a goldmine for Glory Quest" with two "old man" series, Maniac Training of Lolitas launched in December 2004 and Forbidden Elderly Care (Forbidden Nursing) begun in August 2006. A third series Big Tits Loving Grandfather Erotic Mischief started in April 2008.[10][11]

The company, incorporated as GQE Inc. (有限会社GQE), had a capital of 3 million yen (about $30,000) in 2010. The CEO of Glory Quest is Sadao Ogawa (小川禎夫).[1] Glory Quest is an independent company as opposed to the larger "pro" companies and conglomerates. Like other Japanese AV companies, it belongs to one of the voluntary "ethics groups" which regulate content and censorship for the industry, the Content Soft Association (CSA) called in Japanese コンテンツ・ソフト協同組合 (Software Content Association), a creation of the Soft On Demand group of companies.[12]


In addition to the Glory Quest label, the company has also used the following labels for its videos:[9]

  • ACB
  • ACD
  • Boys Kageki
  • Dangerous Relations
  • Et cetera
  • GQR
  • High Tension
  • Incest
  • Kebabu
  • Maniac
  • Maniac Shemale
  • Sex Care
  • Social Q
  • TopazJ
  • Trance Jender
  • Ultra Sex


The following AV Idols have appeared in Glory Quest productions:


Popular Glory Quest video series include the following:[13][14]

  • Beast King (獣皇)
  • Big Tits Loving Grandfather Erotic Mischief (ボイン大好き亀市爺さんのHなイタズラ 壱)
  • Busty Medical Certificate (巨乳診断書)
  • Forbidden Nursing (禁断介護)
  • Incest (近親相姦)
  • Love of Big Tits Prank (ボイン大好きしょう太くんのHなイタズラ)
  • New Half Trance (ニューハーフトランス)
  • Sexy Mature Nakadashi (艶熟 中出し)
  • She Male Jack
  • She Male Jam
  • The Gal Nan
  • The Gal's Night

AV Grand Prix

Glory Quest was one of the manufacturers competing in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest with the entry She Male Jam ~Exclusive Tune~ (AVGP-012) starring transsexual actresses Sena Arisawa and Mina Yumeno.[15][16]

In the 2009 AV Grand Prix, the Glory Quest nominee, Incest Family (近親相姦 昭和禁断血族「母さん、この家は狂ってます」) (AVGP-115), starring Natsumi Kitahara, Reiko Yamaguchi and Kasumi Nanase, took the Supporters Award.[17]


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