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Also known as: P-Chan, Love
Born: February 10
Okinawa, Japan
Years active: 2007-present
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 120-60-88 cm
47-23-35 in
Bra/cup size: P metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.52 m (4 ft 12 in)
Weight: 43 kg (95 lb)
Body type: Curvy
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black
Pubic hair: Shaved
Blood group: B
Shown: Topless, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal
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Fuko ( - Fūko) is a Japanese Gravure idol and AV idol noted for having exceptionally large breasts despite her thin waist. She sometimes goes by the name Love (らぶ).


Fuko's bust size and date of birth are in dispute. Her bust size has been reported as between 110 and 120 centimeters (about 43" to 47"). Some sources give her year of birth as 1988, and some 1989. Fuko appeared at Tokyo Topless under the name of Love (らぶ) in March of 2005. She appeared in three topless photo layouts at this site. These pictures were taken down and replaced with her face cropped off in June of 2005.[1] Currently, she is no longer listed at the site, no doubt because, if either of the years of birth is correct, she was under-aged at the time these photos were taken. (The fact that she was still developing at the time may also account for the increase in her reported bust measurement.) Not long after her Tokyo Topless appearance, was also sighted, again as Love, at the site.

Fuko during her gravure model career.

Renewing her career as a non-nude, bikini gravure idol, she started her Japanese-language blog, in September, 2006. This site sometimes contains bikini photos of Fuko, notably the entries. Her DVD debut was with the release of on November 13, 2006. On November 21, 2006, her public profile was raised considerably when she appeared on the Tuesday-night Japanese television program Narutomo! (なるトモ!) with Yuzuki Aikawa (愛川ゆず季). She has recently been seen in several Japanese magazines.

On January 1, 2009 Muteki announced that Fuko would be appearing in Great Fuko, her first AV for the label, released on February 1.[2]

In February of 2010 she released her last Adult Video so far.

She currently (2011) does webcam videos where she usually teases and masturbates in front of a cam.

She has, in 2015, a renewed popularity due to her boobs appearing to have grown much bigger and a rumored first professional photo shoot outside of Japan.

Also in August of 2015, she had tweeted that she will not be doing porn again, adding that she's "more interested in doing fun work rather than dirty work", but will continue adult modelling.[3][4]


Gravure videos

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
Fuko P.jpg Fuko P!
風子 P!
March 9, 2007[5] Takeshobo
Fuko Fuko's debut DVD
Fuko Mixed Juice DVD.jpg Mix Juice
MIX JUICE 風子・一色雅・杉原桃花
(Mix Juice: Fuko, Sugihara Momoka, Isshiki Miyabi)
March 16, 2007[6] Juicy Fruit Productions / Video Maker
Momoka Sugihara
Miyabi Isshiki
Mix Juice series
Fuko Dekoraman.jpg Dekaroman
May 25, 2007[7] Aqua House / Maker Original
Fuko Splash Girl Series
Fuko Nyudarake.jpg Chidarake
June 25, 2007[8] Air Control / Melon Productions / Maker Original
Mayuka Okada
Junne Okada
Fuko Kyo-P.jpg Fuko Kyo-P!!
風子 KYO-P!!
July 27, 2007[9] Saibunkan Publishing / Orustak Pictures
Fuko I-Girl series
TSDV-41146s.jpg Fuko - Pineapple
風子 パイナッぷる
September 21, 2007[10] Takeshobo
Eight-87Ds.jpg Fuko - Eight Vol. 1
November 18, 2007[11] Layfull Productions
Fuko Eight Series
FDGD-213s.jpg Fuko & Kanako Hosaka - Kagayakeru Chichionna to Uruwashi no Shiri Onna
December 7, 2007[12] For-side / Cutie
Kanako Hosaka
Eight-91Ds.jpg Fuko - Eight Vol. 2
風子 EIGHT Vol.2
December 16, 2007[13] Layfull Productions
Fuko Eight Series
Eight-095Ds.jpg Fuko - Eight Vol. 3
風子 EIGHT vol.3
January 26, 2008[14] Layfull Productions
Fuko Eight Series
Fuko - Megahap-P!.jpg Fuko - Mega Happy
メガ ハッP!/風子
(Mega Hap-P! Fuko)
April 20, 2008[15] Line Communications/I-One
OME-044s.jpg The Huge Bust Fuuko
風のP子 風子
(Kaze no P-Ko Fuuko)
August 25, 2008[16] Air Control / Melon
OME-049s.jpg Uruwashi no P-ko: Fuko
麗しのP子 風子
October 25, 2008[17] Air Control

Adult videos

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
TEK-009s.jpg Great Fuko
グレイト 風子
February 1, 2009[18] Muteki
Fuko Fuko's AV debut
TEK-010.jpg Bomber Fuko
ボンバー 風子
February 27, 2009[19] Muteki
OAE-038s.jpg All Nude: Fuko March 25, 2009[20] Air Control
Fuko Nude only, no sex
TEK-011s.jpg Max Fuko
マックス 風子
April 1, 2009[21] Muteki
SOE-214s.jpg Entertainer X P-Cup: Limited Ban-Lifted Mosaic: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ 解禁ギリモザ 風子
(Geinōjin x P-cup: kaikin giri mosa Fūko)
May 7, 2009[22] S1 No. 1 Style
Hideto Aki Fuko Limited Ban-Lifted Mosaic series
Fuko's S1 debut
SOE-230s.jpg P-Cup Entertainer: Awesome Entity: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ ものすごい顔射 風子
(Geinōjin X P-cup: monosugoi kaosha: Fūko)
June 7, 2009[23] S1 No. 1 Style
Hideto Aki Fuko Awesome Entity series
SOE-247s.jpg Entertainer X P-Cup: Bakobako Orgy: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ バコバコ乱交 風子
(Geinōjin x P-cup: bakobako rankō: Fūko)
July 7, 2009[24] S1 No. 1 Style
Hideto Aki Fuko Bakobako Orgy series
SOE-262s.jpg Entertainer X P-Cup: Scream! Big Magnum Fuck: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ 絶叫!ビッグマグナムFUCK 風子
(Geinoujin x P kappu zekkyou! biggumagunamu fuck: Fuko)
August 7, 2009[25] S1 No. 1 Style
Hideto Aki Fuko Scream! Big Magnum Fuck series
SOE-277s.jpg Entertainer X P-Cup: Thrust Harder, Harder: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ もっと激しく、激しく突いて 風子
(Geinōjin x P-cup: motto hageshiku, hageshiku tsuite Fūko)
September 7, 2009[26] S1 No. 1 Style
Fuko Thrust Harder, Harder series
SOE-296s.jpg Entertainer x P-Cup: Japan's Number 1 Big-Boobed Entertainer Takes it Off: Fuko
芸能人×Pカップ 日本一の巨乳芸能人が脱いだワケ 風子
(Geinōjin x P kappu Nippon ichi no kyonyū geinōjin ga nui da wake: Fūko)
October 19, 2009[27] S1 No. 1 Style
SOE-356s.jpg This Is the Last View! Japan's Biggest Boobs Sex: Fuko
これで見納め!日本一のデカ乳SEX 風子
(Kore de miosame! Nihon ichi no deka chichi SEX: Fūko)
February 19, 2010[28] S1 No. 1 Style
Fuko Reportedly Fuko's last adult DVD


Book title Release date Company Photographer ISBN# Book cover
Fuuko - All Nude[29][30]
風子写真集 ALL Nude
Fuuko shashinshuu: All Nude
April 10, 2009 GOT Yuji Fukushima 978-4-86084-555-1


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